Experience of School Kids During Covid

Glarita Dsouza
2 min readAug 29, 2020


Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

I first heard about the corona virus on TV when dad was watching news. I asked Dad what did corona mean. He told me it’s a Virus and “corona” meant crown. It was called the corona virus because when you looked at it through a microscope it looked like a crown. Why should something so horrible look like a crown, I said?.

He encouraged me to look at it differently and positively:

Lock down has made me realize the value of attending schools. I appreciate the hard work of our teachers who are trying their best to teach us through online classes and providing us with study material. I look forward to attend online class everyday.

Initially taking online classes was a challenge, but now I have quickly adapted to it. I can handle apps like google meet and ZOOM. Sometimes, I even help my grandpa with Zoom.

The situation has taught us that home made food is more delicious than junk food. My birthday was during this situation and I helped Mom to bake a cake at home..It was delicious.

This lockdown has helped me to spend more time on my hobbies like drawing and singing. I took part in lot of online singing and drawing competition.

Since I cant play down, Mama makes sure I exercise everyday at home without fail. I have learned aerobics and Zumba as well. My Grandpa taught me and brother Yoga and we really enjoy it

This lock down has brought me closer to god, every evening we as a family spend time in prayers and most often I lead the prayers.

Now I am starting to feel more relaxed. Overall, I feel OK about this break that we are having because of the corona virus.



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